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Crane repair

In equipment maintenance
1, the service personnel according to the concept of equipment field actual situation proposed processing rate, and back office open requisition by the department.
2, after the replacement of spare parts for the user, debugging is normal, service personnel to fill in the service report, and leadership agreed to after examined and signed by the user, with old charge-offs pieces back to warehouse.
3, mail delivery three pieces of postage. The freight handlers and leadership write-offs after being signed (old pieces back as far as possible)
4, the quality of reasons lead to the damage of equipment and accessories, cooperate with customer equipment by after-sales service personnel executives for damage caused by human factors for problem analysis and interpretation, make up and repair the damage, operation guidance and training for operators to the customer, for artificial reason damage, in the after-sales service according to the equal treatment, processing product quality problem. In after-sales service personnel or manager negotiate with customer, punish in accordance with the company.
Qualify for equipment maintenance
1, equipment maintenance beyond the guarantee period for paid services, including service charge (travel. On-site service fee) accessories, group maintenance, etc.
2, in principle, such release equipment accessories in place rear can deliver goods, special circumstances can go ahead with the approval of the leadership to sign the delivery, then play.
3, after completion of maintenance service personnel fill charge service form, clear the charging items, signature and seal of party equipment supervisor by the user, service charge after back to the company/department office work.