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Industry dynamic

Information about the choose and buy of crane and daily maintenance

Crane's influence on our lives is huge, because of its wide use, good effect, safe and reliable operation, get the favour of a lot of users. With the increasing of users, some problems also emerge in the equipment, most of the people to the choose and buy of crane and daily maintenance is not particularly understand, directly affect the sales of the crane. In order to solve all doubts, small make up specially for the related information, want to help you better choose and buy and maintenance of the crane.
1. The choose and buy of crane considerations for analysis
In our daily choices crane, there are many factors to consider first is about the equipment selection, we should choose to suit oneself company production equipment, but also according to its specific performance and cost performance contrast to choose, do not blindly buy; Of course, also want to consider the actual operation of the equipment and installation is convenient; Finally to consider is whether the equipment after-sales service is complete, a good after-sales can bring good equipment warranty and is helpful for enterprises to the equipment itself.
2. The crane daily maintenance instructions
In general, to improve the service life of the crane, will be a good maintenance of equipment. Should be regular inspection, daily inspection, weekly inspection and monthly inspection, annual inspection. Every time, should be grasped to equipment fault detected in a timely manner, timely maintenance and replacement parts; Regular cleaning and lubrication of equipment, safety performance test in time. Ready the above points, I believe you will be able to use the crane for a long time.
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